7 Into the Woods Inspired Kiddie Party Themes

7 Into the Woods Inspired Kiddie Party Themes

Outdoor venue kiddie parties are quite the challenging type of theme to full of, as one major factor you should consider is the weather. Will the weather be nice on this day?

So, to avoid this unlikely circumstance to burden you on your kid’s day, here are into the woods inspired themes you could do indoors as suggested by a kiddie party planner.

  1. Into the Green Woods Theme

They say looking at green things could calm a person down so why not fill the party with greens and make the celebration an embrace into the calming green woods.

Think of anything green and belongs to the woods then you are good to go. Populate your décor with plenty of plants and bring in those outdoor house plant inside.

  1. Into the Colorful Owl Themed Party

In mythology, owls are a symbol of wisdom and femininity and choosing this woodland creature to be your kids birthday theme shows how you value wisdom to be bestowed upon your child.

Into the Colorful Owl Themed Party
Image source: Catch My Party

Owl themed party could be a significant color like blue or a >colorful one with lots to explore.

  1. Into the Sly Fox Theme

As a spirit animal, a fox is a reliable guide in the spirit world who was honored for its wisdom. Remember Nick Wilde in Zootopia, the sly fox turned cop, who doesn’t want the cleverness of this creature to be embodied by their kids.

Into the Sly Fox Theme kiddie party
Image source: karaspartyideas.com

A fox could be turned into a cute loving creature perfect for your kid’s party like this one.

  1. Into the Lair of Fairies

Fairies are angels of nature created by God with a mission to protect and heal the environment and animals. Turn your kid into a nature-loving fairy and go with into the lair of fairies themed kiddie party.

Let their imagination sparkle with magic brought by the enchantment of fairies. One famous fairy that could come to mind is Tinkerbell, a tinker fairy that makes and fix things.

  1. Into the Bugs and Insects

The creepy crawlies that most adult hate could be your kid’s next theme by simply cutifying these creatures. One notable bug to be used on parties are ladybugs for a mix of red and black is quite the striking complement.

  1. Into the Woodland Friends

Into the Woodland Friends theme kiddie party
Image source: cleaneatsandtreats.com

Bring in all the animal creatures in the woods and plan a party from the wild. Welcome wild animals (not literally) and set a woodland themed party with guests from the wild.

  1. Into the Woods Movie turned Birthday Theme

Who wasn’t amazed by the Disney screen adaptation Stephen Sondheim-James musical movie ‘Into The Woods’. The adaptation was bewitching enough to make it as your kid’s birthday theme as it is packed with everything you need. From a couple who wants to have a kid to a kid with a big tree in the backyard. Inspiration is just overflowing.

To get you started, here are things you should be gathering up.

No need to worry about the unforeseeable weather just a cozy party indoors will make your kid’s party a delight. If you’ve decided your theme just be sure to give this kiddie party planner a call and have your dream birthday party come to life.

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