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Managing Mold & Mildew for Home & Domestic Bathrooms

If you think that bathroom tiles are the cleanest surfaces in your house because you bathe yourselves in the bathroom, which in turn also cleans out the tiles, you’re wrong. Yes, it could be that where you go to wash away the dirt and the oils on you after a long and busy day, but long after you leave, germs, bacteria, and fungi may start to take hold. They then spread out, thus, creating the black-ish, green-ish formations between your tiles where grout is—the thing we call mold & mildew.



Mitigation is better than cure so while we’re on the topic, let’s start with how to not let it happen or at least, minimize the likelihood that mold & mildew might accrue.

Mold & mildew thrive in wet and warm environments naturally because it is a life form. In line with prevention, it’s important to focus on keeping your bathroom well ventilated and the surfaces dry. Make sure that your bath drains well, even the area around your toilet. Always keep a mop and a dry rug to wipe water clean off.



The easiest way to rid your bathroom tiles of mold & mildew is by scrubbing it out. As these are both life forms, you can be sure that if you don’t clean them out well, they’ll eventually come back to multiply and thrive. Since mold & mildew are fungal infestations, your best bet is to kill them off and wash them away.

You can achieve this by combining a cup of chlorine bleach to a gallon of water. Use this solution to drench, soak, and scrub away mold & mildew. Remember to use thick liquid proof latex because bleach is very harsh and corrosive to skin.



For your further protection, improve your mold & mildew prevention regimen with a few sure tips. Remember not to seal your grout. Sealing the grout to keep the water away may seem logical, but if it isn’t sealed properly and moisture starts to seep in, you will never know until it’s too late.

Also, use tea tree oil or hydrogen peroxide as cleaning agents. Aside from keeping the bathroom tiles dry as well as the surfaces in your kitchen, cleaning them with tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide helps further protect you from mold & mildew.


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