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8 Tips on How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Gone are the days of plain white subway bathroom tiles. Today, you can be more creative or imaginative in choosing your preferred bathroom tile designs; the kind of bathroom that will make your guests wondering and asking: “Did I enter the wrong room?”

It is okay to experiment on bathroom tiles but don’t forget the basic tips and rules as follows:

  1. Choose small sized tiles for small bathrooms. warns that very large tiles can make your bathroom look much smaller.
  2. Another neat trick from is “run the floor tiles straight into the stall.” It gives an illusion the rooms seem larger.
  3. Is your bathroom curvy on the edges or have complicated angles? Houzz advises opting for smaller tiles to handle the curves.
  4. You should be savvy in picking colors, too. According to Wayfair, choose bathroom tiles with light colors for small bathrooms. While darker shades are great for large bathrooms.
  5. Not all bathroom ceilings need to have a flat surface. It could have a sloped ceiling like the image below. Use smaller tiles to cover such complicated space, and, yes, you can put tiles on the ceiling as well, as told by Houzz.
Image source:
  1. It is given that bathroom tiles must be slip resistant to avoid accidents. You may use outdoor tile because of its slightly rough surface. However, you have limited choices when it comes to design and color. Otherwise, applying grout on indoor tiles must be accomplished properly.
  2. Do you want the sophisticated appeal of glass shower but hate the idea of cleaning it? Install a glass shower with large slabs or panels, Houzz suggests.
  3. Hipages suggests choosing a feature wall that will serve as your bathroom’s highlight. Make sure that it is still matched well with other tiles and it will not be an eyesore.

Last but not the least, what types of tile are suitable for a bathroom? Consider a bathroom tile that can be used in a pool or can withstand submersion in water. Ideal Home recommends the following:

  • Stone flooring – don’t choose marble and polished stone because of its slippery surface.
  • Porcelain and ceramic flooring – can also be used in bathroom walls but these types of tiles are a bit pricey.
  • Wood flooring – we’re not talking about real wood but engineered wood. Still think twice, though because wood has more water reactive properties than stone or concrete.
  • Rubber flooring – it is an unusual choice for a bathroom tile. This type of flooring is soft underfoot, durable, easy to clean, and very slip resistant.
  • Vinyl flooring – you can choose between sheets or tiles, and cushioned or hard. Make sure the subfloor is free of debris or completely smooth.

Your bathroom is the most unnoticeable part of your house. It is hidden from plain sight. This doesn’t mean you can’t shower a little attention and creativity when building or renovating it. Somehow, the condition and look of a bathroom reflect the housekeeping abilities of the owner of the house. Wow, your guests with your pristine and well-maintained bathroom that is artfully designed.


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