Happiness found in a Small Home

The Boss suddenly called you up in his office. You being nervous and sweating like you did something wrong. Suddenly he talks, saying you got the promotion you’re eyeing for months. Then you went home to the family and started making huge changes and decisions. A new home for the family. Then a month has passed, the huge house you rented became a big building with no one around, no noise, no laughter, nothing. Complete silence along the hallways. The changes became a sad turnout of a budding success.

From the short scenario, it is likely to think big when things became better. But do you really need the finer things in life in order to be happy. Does a huge abode make you whole?

The large house could be good when you wanted to impress others, somewhat fulfill your lifelong dream, the promising promotion that takes you away from your family, and makes you feel parted from your own family.

So to avoid the saddening truth about living in a big house, here are 4 reasons why a living in a smaller home at Cagayan de Oro is better than the big one:

1. Better relationship with one another

The smaller your home is, the more chances you’ll be able to see each other. A hot weekend afternoon is perfect for a good catch up time with the family. Lounge at your TV room and enjoy a good movie together.

A smaller house gives you the ability to see each other face to face without being forced to do so. The often you see each the less awkward it is to make a conversation.

2. House cleaning duties

Another good point of a small shelter are the ability to clean the place spotless in just a day or maybe half a day.

Also, maintaining cleanliness will not be much of a bother.

3. Smaller means less costly

In comparison, a huge house obviously costs more than a small one so if you’re into gadgets and other stuff. Settling in a smaller home would mean more savings.

4. Decorate all you can

With a small house, the decoration is ideal for a minimalist look. Also, with this one, you could be your own decorator. The aesthetics are all your inputs and everything will be at peace with your eyes.

Eyeing a smaller home cozy for the would create lasting fond memories of your laughter and talks. A house in Cagayan de Oro truly is something to get by.


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